Free Shipping with orders over $100 Australia Wide.

Oz Engines and Spares’ chosen freight carriers are Toll Priority or TNT.

Upon receipt of a customer’s order, Oz Engines and Spares will use its best endeavours to ensure that all items are dispatched by the next working day (Mon-Fri).

Delivery times are 3-5 business days following dispatch of orders. However, road delivery times may vary due to factors such as customer location (metro/country) and upon the Toll Priority or TNT service times within a respective area. Although major metropolitan areas are often quicker, Oz Engines and Spares recommends that customers allow 5 business days before contacting us to check on the status of their order.

All items are released to our chosen carrier in good faith. Oz Engines and Spares cannot be held responsible for delivery delays attributed to any external cause.

Preferably, customers should ensure that a representative will be present to sign for and receive delivery of any goods. If this is not possible, please refer to the below for authority to leave information. Failure to comply, without supplying an authority to leave to Oz Engines and Spares prior to dispatch, will potentially result in the carrier’s re-delivery charges being billed to the customer.

Oz Engines and Spares does not ship internationally.


As part of the checkout process, a customer will be asked to state whether they give authority to leave (ATL) goods unattended at the delivery address.

By ticking the ATL box, the customer is giving permission for Oz Engines and Spares’ selected freight courier to leave items at the delivery address without obtaining a signature from an authorised recipient at the time of delivery. The customer therefore agrees that without providing a proof of delivery signature to Toll Priority or TNT, or any agent thereof, that they accept full responsibility for any and all actual or potential loss or damage relating to that delivery.

A customer also accepts that by submitting an ATL, that this authority remains active for any future deliveries unless rescinded by the customer. This can be done after delivery by emailing Oz Engines and Spares via our contact page with your request.

If no representative is present at the time of delivery and the ATL box has not been ticked, the customer will potentially incur further charges for any additional freight cost incurred on re-delivery attempts.


Pick up is not available on any orders.